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Battlefield 4 Hack Features

  • Aimbot – Shoot with godlike precision with the new and improved BF4 Aimbot.
  • Wallhack – No place to hide! See your enemies trough walls and structures and shoot them down with no mercy.
  • SpeedHack – Greatly enhances your movement speed giving you an edge over your opponents.

Supported Platforms: XBOX 360 , PS3  and PC

This hack is working for all three current platforms (XBOX 360, Playstation 3 and PC). No bugs were detected during testing and the cheat remains undetected.


Game info


We were in Stockholm for the developers of DICE and have tested the new battlefield 4. Because we could play the shooter in the brand new PS4 release, we explain you based on the next-gen version, what you hear from the campaign and more than extensive multiplayer mode to expect. Impressions of the other versions will follow at a later date. Read the test to battlefield 4 about the consistent further development of the shooter series.

Battlefield 4 in the test: Two years ago made DICE of the call of duty series strong competition and losing OPS 2 in the fight for the shooter fans only narrowly defeated black Crown. This time the Swedish developers have several ACEs in the sleeve and want about with a thrilling campaign, the brand new frostbite-3 graphics engine and a stunning range of call of duty multiplayer: ghosts read the riot act.

Whether the Bill goes up, we could convince us on a several-day test event in Stockholm itself. The event not only due to battlefield 4: in the Northern metropolis was interesting we could with extensively for the first time Sony of Saifuddin PlayStation 4 reading and must say that we us more than gorgeous have understood from the first moment with our favorite next-gen console. Impressions of battlefield 4 on PC and other platforms by the way follow at a later date. Update: We have expanded the test to a video with the review of the PC version, as well as the score for battlefield 4 on PC. Update 2: at the end of the test by battlefield 4 you will find facts and classifications to the Xbox one version now.

Battlefield 4 Review-keeps you months sweet

If there is one reason why you should be excited about the release of Battlefield 4, then it’s because the game shows us where the next-gen consoles are capable of doing. Not so much on graphics area (although Battlefield 4 great on the next-gen consoles) but mainly because pc gamers no longer are the only ones who can play with 64 man online simultaneously. But what platform the game now also start playing, again see that the Battlefield late Lord and master is in the field of large-scale warfare.

Let’s be clear: this game you go of course play because of the multiplayer. That has not, however, prevent developer DICE, just like in the previous part, to develop a great single-player experience. Who the trailers and gameplayfootage of the past year has seen, it was probably already noticed: DICE seems to be more for the Call of Duty-like roller coaster ride to go and let the ropes of the realism celebrate some more. That picks up on some planes good and Battlefield (BF4) know in certain respects the single player experience of his competitor to transcend even.

Freedom and happiness

This has everything to do with the ability to on certain points in the game to choose your own route. Take for example the level in Shanghai. Should your team here at some point a way through numerous small alleys courses. The first time we took the most obvious route, where we encountered a lot of opposition and eventually on the Bob. Later we took a different route, incidentally, totally unaware that we suddenly came and they could behind the enemy flanks. This event is not pre-programmed, it pays to try multiple paths actually if you at some point gets stuck. Also, there are large open areas where you’re like in multiplayer its own approach can handle. You go with the enemy vehicles, or are you looking for a quiet spot from which you can snipe? Or blow your a wall with C4, and surprise your enemy? This kind of choices are a breath of fresh air in front of all the linear A-to-B-gameplay as we often see in this type of shooters.

On the other hand, or that also BF4 is guilty of a number of genre clichés, such as scripted events. A furious pursuit along the coast where you been hanging out of a car a helicopter from the air shooting? Check. A gunfight on a bridge while there is a huge ship on the bridge is heading for and this threatens to destroy? Check. A sinking cruiser that is being attacked by helicopters and missile attacks? Check. The his epic moments that you occasionally leave best on the edge of your seat, but really does not linger, despite that the Frostbite engine 3-amazing stuff on your screen.

In addition, the single player here and there tormented by some ugly glitches and bugs. So we sat once stuck in the wall, we fell once by the ground and found the AI of our teammates the need at times to run directly on the enemy. Other times, the AI just fine again his work, eliminating enemies harassing you with grenades so that you constantly have to change location. The single player mode is really such a sum of plus and minus points. One moment defiantly, the next moment ridiculous simple. The one time the time retespannend, thereupon rather groggy. you play the game on normal than encountering you occasionally on some resistance, but with an hour or five is out to play the game. This makes the single player mode a solid warm-up for the real thing: the multiplayer mode.
That is where Battlefield for years really shines and shows his own mug. Battlefield running, despite small scale modes such as Team Deathmatch and Defuse, in our view, especially to warfare on a large scale. With dozens of the enemy at the same time, be it on land, sea or in the air. The fourth part is no revelation within the series, but know the formula of the franchise have to perfect and offers some welcome additions.

Large keyed

So it is ‘ My Soldier ‘ menu become easier. Customizing your weapons and compiling your various load outs works a lot faster and, even more important, upgrades are a lot earlier to unlock. In part three, made you as starting helicopter-pilot often little chance against experienced players, simply because you convenient features such as flares and stealth camouflage not yet unlocked. In Battlefield play 4 do you have a good day after all the necessary weapons, attachments and upgrades for your vehicles unlocked, so you can put together a decent loadout fairly soon.

In addition, playing with a controller a lot finer. The buttons distribution is slightly adapted, in particular driving helicopters much more natural to the touch. We succeeded in part three, no longer than a minute to stay in the air, we sow in BF4 within no time death and destruction from the skies. Of course it is still possible to set the controls the way you want.

Master play

Back by popular demand is the Commander mode. In the modes Rush, Assault and Obliteration (a new mode) for both teams a commander can occur. In this role you will have a completely different experience, where you have the map you see before you and you can send your team to the different squads. They follow their orders on and succeed in it, then you get as commander again offered better tools, such as air-strikes and gunships. The beauty is that this play is also via the tablet mode, whereby also a second player next to you on the couch can contribute to the fight. Battlefield 4 is the first game that the whole second-screen-gaming (note, this is a big thing in the near future) in an interesting way.
We will still be able to go over all sixteen paragraphs by small innovations that Battlefield 4 characteristics (such as that the squads now count five man, the different vehicles, Obliteration, the improved mode Battlelog-profile, etc.) but none of this is necessary. Most people who read this review have probably long since decided for themselves whether they are Battlefield 4 go get or not. And for those who are really guided by our opinion we have the following communication: with Battlefield 4 get your multiplayer game in a house where you will still a lot of hours in the coming year.

Battlefield 4 – apparently planned return of the squad features

As looming, the squad system in battlefield 4 on long or short could be making a comeback. Also a beta is apparently imminent.

In the past few months, several times talked the developers at DICE about the squad system from the first-person shooter battlefield 3 and gave to understand that you decided consciously to throw the feature when the successor of battlefield 4 overboard.
According to its own figures, the complete system was simply enough not the internal quality standards. Currently apparent however that the developer team his decision have once again covered könntn. «According to a user of the online platform published various screenshots, showing, that the» new «squad system currently in closed beta phase will be tested or could start in the near future in the open beta.
Selected users, the corresponding menu item should be surfaced anyway, already in the main menu. An official statement or even announcement from electronic arts and DICE is out yet.

Battlefield 4 – server upgrades to fix lag issues

DICE wants to move against the last increase occurring lag on the 64-player servers battlefield 4. There is talk of an increase of the server hardware as a solution. There is no a specific timetable but.

After it apparently increasingly came to so-called Rubberbanding problems when playing 64-player matches in recent times, the Developer Studio DICE plans to increase the hardware of its game server in case of battlefield 4 now. The company on the official blog for the shooter under has announced.

“After we specifically have looked at the problem, we are quite dissatisfied something the performance of our servers. We will as soon as possible to replace the hardware and invest more to provide a better gaming experience.»

As soon as you present an exact timetable for this project have, will you publish it, it says further. The reduction of the proposal for the players is of highest priority and we expect to have a solution soon.
«At the so-called Rubberbanding it happens sometimes, that some players because of lags and overloaded servers meters above the map» tele Porter «will. A detailed description of the problem can be found on

Battlefield 4: Naval strike – battle DLC in the test plus benchmarks with 20 graphic cards [Update: mantle and direct X 11.1]


Four new maps can be fought over since March 29 by battlefield-4 players with premium access. In addition, a new game mode called “Carrier attack” is available. The disputed areas are all small islands and atolls, which can be attacked using speed boats, jet skis and new air boats. According to dice, more errors were eliminated by patches, performance improved. Time for us to bring our battlefield 4 benchmarks on the current state.

Update from the 03.04.: measurements with NVIDIA in direct X 11.1

With some patience (and a complete new install) you settled resolve the problem described below. Now we can offer you also some measurements with GeForce GPUs under win 8.1 for a direct comparison. Among these interfaces, the NVIDIA cards can gain additional performance through the use of some newly added render techniques.

Update from the 03.04.: mantle benchmarks

We have created our benchmarks on popular demand to some measurements with AMD’s mantle interface and compared them with those arising under Windows 7 and direct X 11. There are few surprises: the R9 290 X a tidy profit of speed has, as the HD originating from the first generation of GCN 7970 GHz. Particularly violently occurring under mantle

Memory problems for graphics cards with less than 3 MFM store, however, even with the latest patch remains, as is good based on the HD 7870: the first measurement is still considerably higher than the DX performance, but her memory overflows before the first 20 seconds. The game starts to stutter, the minimal frame sagging far. Also the average frame rates suffer from the used.

Actually wanted to we against test with corresponding GeForce counterparts under direct X 11.1. But here, an unholy alliance of Battlelog and origin made a spanner in the us. Our Add-Ons and premium membership were not recognized by Battlelog. Despite already as achievements, log entries and server history with appropriate data, any DLC card under win 8.1 refused to start. Even after a new installation of the individual Add-Ons we were still friendly pointed out, that we have not already bought Add-On and redirected in the origin-shop. We continue to work on the issue and try to deliver promptly to the relevant benchmarks.

Original article from the 03.04:

After the day one DLC China rising and second assault which brought back the most popular maps from battlefield 3 with small but fine detail changes, premium users can play the third battlefield 4-Add-on naval strike since March 29. After a roughly two-week shift for the PC are now four new cards and adapted from Battlefield 2142 Titan game mode for online battles available. A handful of new weapons and accessories, as well as some new achievements complete the nearly 15 euro DLC.

Battlefield 4: Naval strike – something monotonous island hopping

No question: Also the third Add-On is technically on the amount of time and stands out especially by the dynamic depiction of water and the successful lighting: stunning good looks also naval strike. In addition, many small details please the eye. But the four maps are visually quite similar, only “Wavebraker” stands out clearly: the rugged cliffs a secret U boat base hides the dimly lit ambiance of a rogue base from a James Bond movie included. The remaining cards reminiscent of more or less “Paracel Storm”, especially “Nansha strike”. We would have liked therefore slightly more variety. Finally, the reality also offers a wide range: from leafy, Palm-clad South Seas atoll and deep green jungle mountain ranges covered up to the ravaged, sulphur steam umwölkten volcano island.

In naval strike looks the water in places something strange, even if it nicely responds to external circumstances. Objects beneath the surface provide also some irritating refractions – here seems a shader to work properly. Noticed this error on “Lost Islands” are us and “Nansha strike”. Depending on the map, a different texture is used for the water. In addition, there is some Clippingfehler. The textures of the new cards are highly resolved for the most part, and overall very successful, but here and there a high-res texture is combined with a low resolution. In the action-packed battles to the small piece of land, this smaller glitches expected but rarely in the eye.

Who has hoped due to the names of the DLC and the trailer scenes fiery sea battles, is likely to be disappointed. There are no really big battles with heavily armed warships and also you player usable smaller high-speed and inflatables get relatively rarely in direct battles with their enemy counterparts. Because the water serves despite large presence on the maps mainly as road to the tactical objectives. Despite this limitation, but the archipelistische card design has greater influences on the gameplay: for now are mostly small, fast boats in the Centre of the action, allowing players the very open level design to bypass the enemy and to launch surprise attacks from the side or the back.

The new game mode “Assault of the carrier” or “Carrier attack” plays approximately like a mixture of conquest and rush. Both teams start with a carrier as a base. First missile must on the cards now are captured and held. This then automatically fire on the enemy aircraft carriers. This stark is damaged enough, your team can penetrate through breaches in the steel Colossus and shut down two control modules with explosives. This game mode looks a lot like the “Titan mode” Battlefield 2142 was adopted in slightly modified form.

Battlefield 4: Naval strike – benchmarks

For our benchmark scene, we recreate a lightning attack by rubber dinghy on the map “Lost Islands”. We start in our Fahrzeughanger and start leaving our 20-second isolated measurement. A large part of the map is in the look exactly like the action to the contested islets. To sketch an up-to-date picture of performance, we use of course the current graphics driver from AMD and NVIDIA, namely the catalyst 14.3 beta (download) and the GeForce 335.23 WHQL (download). The benchmarks take place due to the ubiquity of the operating system Windows 7, we may deliver more benchmarks under Windows 8.1 or mantle.

As usual, we fix the clock speeds at Kepler-GeForce graphics cards GPU boost frequencies, typical of NVIDIA. These are regarded as average value, which applies to typical reference cards under normal conditions. Who bought a strong custom design, is graced with higher clock rates and hence frame rates. Applies to the following benchmarks:

  • 928 MHz for the GeForce GTX 780 TI
  • The GeForce GTX 780 902 MHz
  • 876 MHz for the GeForce GTX titanium
  • 1.084 MHz for the GeForce GTX 770
  • 1,033 MHz for the GeForce GTX 760
  • 980 MHz for the GeForce GTX 670
  • 1,033 MHz for the GeForce GTX 660

Bf4 Multiplayer Mode Review


We are in the middle of the battlefield 4 multiplayer test and accompany this test with a matching Diary by Petra Schmitz. Currently we are at day 3, focus: domination and defuse game modes.


Battlefield 4 multiplayer review

The test to the multiplayer battlefield 4 is no child’s play and of course time. We could try the multiplayer battles of dice shooters while already on press events and in the beta, but we need live conditions and more time for the final score. So that you get already information about the quality of the multimedia player, we accompany the test operation in a corresponding test diary.
In the current day is always on the first page to see, the older diary entries hiking then each one page back. At the end of the first page, our author Petra Schmitz is also a glimpse of the core theme of the coming day..

Day 1

«The first sentence can be read in the loading screen of a defuse game of battlefield 4:» it is possible no laying – if all players in your team die, you lose the round.» Lay? Yes, how nice that you can lay not. At the end of stay else permanent back damage. Jux and half-assed translation aside, Chandru is the counter-strike, battlefield 4: two teams, bombs, disarming, no re-entry (sorry, no laying) and so on. You know that Yes. And makes it fun? Me already, counter-strike goes as you know.


battlefield 4 multiplayer mode 1

However, I had to complain about what. Namely such as yesterday when obliteration the time aspect. Why does’s no lap limit actually defuse? She could bring even more excitement in the matches. Instead I have after entering a running game earlier must stare about five minutes on the map and watch, as two people on Zavod 311 formally turned in the district. Ächz! And why there’s pre-match time actually 20 seconds, so time warm up? «So long no one needs to consult:» A or B? Her A we b «and it plays anyway (almost) every one assault soldier with a MedKit and defibrillator.» That’s it! Where a Scout also can hurt with motion detector, as readers» 123Christian«in the comments is quite rightly remarked.

Because of the crucial differences between Chandru and counter-strike: team members can be revived as in other game modes of assault soldiers, while emblazoned the corresponding character on the bodies. And so a revitalized teammate can ever hold the balance of power, just be a defuse game with manageable usually players per side. There are already cheats and hacks spreading across the servers but BF4 anti-cheat team promises to deal with them accordingly.

I then but not everywhere so insanely managed only the map layout. The way the attackers (the one with the bomb) must go to one of the two Sprengpunkte, are me here and there too short. Said Zavod 311 is such a case. Handy trainings camp, sit down in the basement of the demolition expert and lay the egg. I’d better overall if’s would be closer to counter-strike and the defenders were threesome at the hotspots. Well, taste and Gewohnheitsssache. And Yes – and second half is normally played in defuse, so it stays the same is actually.

Battlefield 4 multiplayer review 2

The map, which I usually avoid Holy as the devil the water, namely operation loose, makes me defuse mode by the way the most fun: clear design, no lumber or undergrowth, which blocks the view – as CS-feeling comes up really. If not just the Chase camera display aufploppt and rum sucks, although it is still not dead or divorced. A bug, which has confused me first and only annoys. Chandru, although rather open in its mechanisms, is also not free of errors. Last night, even all players of a game hopped shortly after takeoff by the body of the other to land after a few very oblique seconds back in your own. Anyway: I’ve only once a server crash with Chandru.



Battlefield 4 Campaign: The Good Things and The Bad Things

To get in the buggy, the villains demand their own air support: A heavily armed havoc attack helicopter tracks the soldiers Quartet in a high-rise construction site. Although PAC and Irish are still protesting, Dunn arranges to go to flee there with a still-circling own helicopter transport elevator to the roof. Only when the group is unprotected in the elevator, they notice the approaching helicopter. Slice overenthusiasm of not only the cab, but perforated the rest of the construction site, which traverse the hero frantically towards the roof.

Once at the top the friendly helicopter is available already for boarding – until the landing site a few moments later is struck by a missile salvo of the enemy aircraft. Cool: When the skyscraper now floor of floor to collapses, the player can control apparently all the time free Radke. That way he doesn’t but also against gravity immune – or so the house collapses and buries complete unity among themselves.
Recker little later comes to and sees kneel Irish and PAC about Dunn. The problem: The boss has pinched to the leg in a metal carrier. Outside the enemy helicopter circles still and also more foot soldiers are already on their way to the ruins of the House. Because time is pressing and involves life and death, decides the group to an extreme solution: Radke to Dunn cut the leg. A QuickTime event later, the comrades carry their severely injured Commander in a newly pirated taxi that may draw Radke

battlefield 4 campaign


The escape journey lasts but not long: on the coastal road of havoc catches up with the car. Although Recker manages still to meet the attacker in a slow deposit with the grenade launcher, an enemy missile flings the car still in the Bay of Baku. Now the scene alludes to the beginning of the Mission again and shows how driving the soldiers from the sinking car.
From the off, a mysterious radio message sounds here. Apparently it was the Mission of Dunn’s now declared dead and his men, to gather evidence in order to justify a war of aggression of the United States against China. DICE oracles that the Chinese in the solo campaign will play a major role, but still nothing on their possible role in the multiplayer part would say.

Familiar technology

Battlefield 4 looks better than its predecessor in some places, but often strikingly reminiscent of the graphic battlefield 3. It has a simple reason: Although based part 4 on the new frostbite engine 3, which is according to DICE but only a further development of the frostbite engine 2. So the team has taken over directly many elements, lighting,



This is The Best FPS I ever Played: Battlefield 4 A game To End All Games

Everything remained the same on the modern battlefield? By due! DICE throws away the co-op for battlefield 4 and grabs the multiplayer in the solo campaign. At least a little bit.

The campaign battlefield 4 begins with the prologue» fishing in Baku under water. But not in a submarine, but in a taxi sinking to the bottom of the Caspian Sea. Is the four-man unit”tombstone”and screams. Because soon runs out of air. Because due to the external pressure more and more cracks in the Windows. «Because American troops not to the sound of “total eclipse of the heart”want to die on the car radio. And because Radke, the players get the job just by his seriously injured superior Dunn has to shoot the window.

A plan that neither Irish nor his PAC Mate for particularly successful. The mixture of frantic screaming, blocks Befehston, screeching metal and vocals by Bonnie Tyler and meat loaf only stops when Recker… spans the gun and pulls the trigger.

14 Minutes before the world in order for the soldiers Quartet seems. Radke creeps with an assault rifle in the attack by a school ruins decorated with beautiful lighting and particle effects in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan. Graphically reminiscent the scene shown on a PC battlefield 3, acts scraps of paper dispersed through realistically in the wind blowing curtains and extra much but just a tad bit coherent.

A short time later Radhakrishna reached the meeting place. PAC is already there, Dunn comes to a moment later. Each track is missing only by Irish. A few seconds later the mystery solves itself: the comrade is been detected by enemy troops and needs on the other side of fire protection. The remaining trio rushes to the window and covers the GI with targeted salvos.

As already in Medal of Honor: Warfighter also Radke in battlefield 4 battle a fire may quickly toggle between two types of visor. So the game character by pressing a key changes flink from rear sight and foresight on the zoom optics, to better take away enemies on the grain. According to the obtained shooting, the soldiers heave their peers through the window. According to the DICE you worked for it again on the ANT animation system, to credibly convey the weight of a heavily laden fighter.

Because the blast to move more enemies, DICE shows innovation # 2: the player is no longer set to follow only a narrow path. So Recker - can move freely just like in a multiplayer map - on the broad field, on request with explosives own doors in buildings break or anger show go out of the way. The AI opponents to react exactly like multiplayer players and may be surprised as well by flank attacks. The third improvement: Just like in the multiplayer mode, the player can control now also solo full vehicles. So Recker swings around on a MG-buggy, to curves a group of surprised enemies, enters the turret and opened fire.  As the last opponent in the dust falls, also the fourth novelty appears. Battlefield 4 distributed points, for each mission is to increase the replay value of the stakes. So far, it is still unclear whether the results will land on a common meter and what award exactly points. DICE hopes the same unpredictable game feeling in the Kamp age as in the multiplayer part of the changes. We will not go but still suspect, worked a lot with scripts. Possibly the - misleading or but DICE had played due to time constraints only to the presentation.

Multiplayer ingredients for the campaign

Behind the school, moving the unit through a wooded area and is shortly thereafter on an open field. Here, the men should be evacuated by allies helicopter out of the danger zone. -Compared to the BF3-solo-campaign – vast territory cargo containers are scattered and broken wooden fences, on the horizon blow big plan on skyscraper construction sites in the wind.
Chic: When the companions reach the field, circling numerous birds in the sky. Too long the fighters may not admire but the spectacle of nature, because an enemy patrol in the MG-buggy has acquired their position.
In the following shootout, four innovations of battlefield 4 be used at the same time. «First: as in the multiplayer mode, the player is allowed enemies» mock «.» The enemy troops are first marked comrades shooting Reckers prefers the assigned targets. This applies also to the friendly helicopter. As the combat helicopter opened fire on the patrol with an air strike, perish the enemies in a spectacular fireball. That looked not so good even in battlefield 3.


Because the blast to move more enemies, DICE shows innovation # 2: the player is no longer set to follow only a narrow path. So Recker – can move freely just like in a multiplayer map – on the broad field, on request with explosives own doors in buildings break or anger show go out of the way. The AI opponents to react exactly like multiplayer players and may be surprised as well by flank attacks.
The third improvement: Just like in the multiplayer mode, the player can control now also solo full vehicles. So Recker swings around on a MG-buggy, to curves a group of surprised enemies, enters the turret and opened fire.

As the last opponent in the dust falls, also the fourth novelty appears. Battlefield 4 distributed points, for each mission is to increase the replay value of the stakes. So far, it is still unclear whether the results will land on a common meter and what award exactly points. In Multiplayer games hacks are still a serious issue to be solved.

DICE hopes the same unpredictable game feeling in the Kamp age as in the multiplayer part of the changes. We will not go but still suspect, worked a lot with scripts. Possibly the – misleading or but DICE had played due to time constraints only to the presentation.